National Quiz Competition on Amateur Radio

30th December 2018 at 9:00 AM IST

Venue: Kalpana Chawla Hall - Main Block, REVA University

  1. Quiz competition is open to all the delegates of HAMFEST INDIA 2018 irrespective of whether call sign holders or SWLs.
  2. Each team consists of two (2) delegates either individuals or representatives of Ham clubs / Institutions.
  3. There will be 15 such teams allowed on “First come first served basis”.
  4. Questions will be on Amateur Radio Operating Practices, Basic Electronics/Electricity, Amateur Radio Satellite Tracking and Operations.
  5. All participants should report at 8.45am on 30th December 2018 at Kalpana Chawla Hall, Main Block, REVA University. Late comers will not be entertained.
  6. There would be minimum of 10 rounds. Questions will be posed in order starting from Team I, Team II, Team III and so on.
  7. Each question will carry 5 points. No negative points will be offered for wrong answers.
  8. Any question when unanswered or wrongly answered by one team will be passed on to the next team for answering but no points will be offered.
  9. No arguments will be entertained on either the validity of the question posted by the Quiz master or the answer uttered by any one team.
  10. The time duration for answering once the question is shot is 60 seconds only.
  11. When a tie between teams arise, additional questions will be asked to decide the winner.
  12. Three teams securing maximum points will be awarded memorable prizes. Others will receive HFI 2018 mementos and certificates.
  13. The panel will consist of the Quiz Master, the Scorer, the Judge and an Observer. Their decisions are final.
  14. The winners and the participants will be honored on the main dias at 2.30pm on 30th December 2018 by awarding prizes, mementos and certificates.
  15. Non participating delegates will be allowed before 8.45am on 30th Dec.2018 to witness the Quiz Competition.

Panel Members

a) Quiz Master: Mr. Subramani, VU2WMY Secretary, Upagraha Amateur Radio Club, VU2URC (ISRO)
b) Observer: Sri R.J.Marcus, VU2VTM Director (Training), IIH
c) Technical Judge: Dr.R.Subramanian, VU2RZA
d) Scorer: Mr.Sampath, VU3WLL

Interested participating delegates shall send Names, Callsigns, Delegate Numbers, Email Address, WhatsApp Numbers to
Dr.S.Sathyapal - VU2FI,
General Convenor,
Hamfest India 2018
WhatsApp: +91 94483 02677

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