Satellite Communicator Hamfest India Contest

  1. Objective: To encourage experimentation and usage of Amateur Radio Satellites by Indian Radio Amateurs.
  2. Contest open to all Amateur Radio license holders in India.
  3. Contest begins on 1st February 2018 and ends on March 31st 2018.
  4. Contacts can be made using any Amateur Radio Satellite.
  5. Contacts with a station through any Amateur Radio satellite during different orbits on same & different day is considered as a valid contact. Multiple contact with the same station during the same pass will not be accepted.
  6. Calling etiquettes – DO NOT CALL A LONG CQ. A short CQ call “CQ HFI Contest this is AU2IIH”. Report Exchange: User Callsign > Signal Report > Grid Location.
  7. Scoring – ONE Point for every VU contact. TEN Points for every DX contact. TEN additional points: For ALL the contacts made using ONLY home brewed antenna. Proof: Photograph showing the contestant along with his/her antenna (Should be sent along with the log entries).
  8. Log - Date, Time (IST), Frequency (Up / Down), Callsign, Name of the Satellite, Grid Square of the station contacted. Mandatory QSL card for every DX contact. Log Entries: In Word, Excel format is to be emailed to Paper log (hard copy) with your Name, Callsign, Postal address, PIN Code, Contact Number, Email address is to be sent by post/courier to Dr.S.Sathyapal, VU2FI, General Convenor, HAMFEST INDIA 2018, # 42, 3rd Main, Maruthi Layout, Vasanthapura, Bengaluru-560 061
  9. Correction of logged callsigns and exchanges after the contest, by use of any database, recordings, email or other methods, is not allowed.
  10. Contestants making minimum of 10 contacts in each calendar month will be presented the ‘Satellite Communicator’s Club HFI 2018 Contest’ certificate.
  11. Top three contestants, will be presented “Satellite Communication Achievement Award” with certificate during HAMFEST INDIA 2018.
  12. List of contestants and awardees will be notified on HFI website and in the social media.
  13. Certificates and awards will NOT be sent by post or courier. It will be presented to the winners during Hamfest India 2018 proceedings only. If the winner is not present in person, the same would be handed over to his/her authorized representative.
  14. For any clarifications & further details, contact Mr Nitin Muttin, VU3TYG, Secretary, AMSAT-INDIA,
  15. Decision of HFI 2018 committee will be final & binding.

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