Delegates - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the Ham Fest open to both registered delegates and General Public?
  2. Ham Fest India 2018 is primarily a convocation of all Amateur Radio Enthusiasts. The Fest is open only for registered delegates. For security and safety reasons, the general public and minors below the age of 18 will not be allowed admission. The organizer reserves the right to refuse entry without being required to give reasons.
  3. Is the Fest free to attend
  4. Ham Fest India 2018, can be attended only by paying the registration fees
  5. What all does the registration fee cover?
  6. The registration fee would cover the following:
    • Entry to the venue for 2 days ie. 29th & 30th Dec 2018
    • Food Coupons ie. for Lunch, Tea & Dinner on 29th Dec 2018 and for Breakfast, Tea & Lunch on 30th Dec 2018
    • Goodies Kit containing Delegate Badge, Souvenir, Event Itenary etc.
  7. Can I buy equipments or exhibits and take them from the fest?
  8. Yes, you would be allowed to buy radio equipments that are on display, or in case of limited stock, you can pre-order or book in advance at the HFI2018. For some of the equipment, you will be requested to share a copy of your Valid License for further processing
  9. Are there any events or activities taking place during the HFI2018?
  10. Yes, there will be forums/seminars that would be organized during Ham Fest India 2018. You can find upto date information on this website from time to time.
  11. How do I register to visit & participate?
  12. You can register online through this website by clicking here. All registered delegates will be provided with an Online Receipt which needs to be printed and produced when you visit the venue. Based on the validation of the receipt, the delegate kit and other articles would be provided, with which you can participate actively and have a great time.
  13. Can I register onsite?
  14. Spot registrations are not available. We strongly encourage you to register online or through the various other options provided in the registration page.
  15. Is there parking at the Venue?
  16. You can find a parking area on the right side of the entrance plaza in front of Hall 1. The capacity of this parking site accounts for 350 cars.
  17. Are there places to eat at the Venue or the Exhibit halls?
  18. All your food needs will be taken care as part of Ham Fest India 2018. We will also have some fast food outlets operational to cater to your hunger and these will be highlighted with direction signages. In addition, dry snack bars will operate from Exhibition Halls. Bottled drinking water will be available from food counters.
  19. What if I need medical assistance?
  20. First Aid Room with medical assistance including doctor and ambulance, in case of emergency, will be available at REVA University.
  21. What is the weather like in Bengaluru during the Event (in December)?
  22. Nature has gifted Bengaluru city with a very pleasant and moderate climate. In Bengaluru, neither would you tremble with cold in winters, nor would you drench with sweat in the summer. Bengaluru weather boasts of cool winters and warm summers, without any extremes in both the cases. The temperature in Bengaluru in December cuddles between 15 degree and 20 degrees celsius.

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