About Hamfest India 2018

HAMFEST INDIA 2018 brings together people interested in amateur radio service combining a treasure trove of activities for amateur radio enthusiasts; it includes exhibits, flea market, forums, eye-ball meet and much more. The annual event provides a platform to share knowledge and expertise from basics principles of amateur radio communication to futuristic trends in wireless communication technology.

HAMFEST INDIA 2018 is a unique social gathering where young and old come together to promote amateur radio service. The most attractive feature of this event is to allow participants find their suitable choice of new high-tech gear, to used refurbished equipment. The event will also provide opportunity for discussions on technical, operational and regulatory aspects of amateur radio activity. The Do-it-Yourself workshop gives an opportunity for everyone to try a new kit or assist a young mind. The sale of scrap components, project kits to complete systems is encouraged, while bargaining is allowed.

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Hosted & Maintained by Indian Institute of Hams, Bengaluru