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Exhibition Stalls For Various Commercial and Non Commercial Vendors/Ham Clubs/Delegates

Category 1 Commercial Exhibitors
[Distributors/Dealers of Radio, Antennas and Accessories etc..]
10ft x 10ft with 5 amps AC power point, 2 tables with chairs
Category 2 Ham Clubs
[Promoting activities and membership drive.]
Registration is a must before 30th Nov 2018
Category 3 Individual Delegates
[Sale of Ham Radio Equipments & Other Accessories.]
One table and a Chair will be Provided.
Registration is a must before 30th Nov 2018
Category 4 Homebrew Equipments
[Display and Demo of Homebrew Equipments Only.]
One table and a Chair will be Provided.
Registration is a must before 30th Nov 2018


  1. Exhibitors under Category 1 need not be delegate(s), they will be titled as “EXHIBITOR” and only two(02) persons will be allowed. Every additional accompanying person will be charged ₹900/-. No delegate kit will be entitled to any of these exhibitors except food.
  2. For Category 2, 3 and 4: Exhibitors will be registered as delegates only.
  3. There will be no provision for allotment of stalls and tables for any delegate nor any person on the day of the convention.
  4. Exhibitors of all categories have to adhere to their respective allotted place only.
  5. No demos/sales/promotions etc.. will be carried out unless it is officially declared open for the delegates.
  6. Delegates are informed to book their required space on or before 30th November 2018 and they are to give a brief description of their sales/promotions etc.. during Hamfest India 2018.
  7. Any damage to the fixtures/furnitures at the venue, exhibitors will solely be responsible.
  8. Hamfest India 2018 or Reva University will not take any responsibility for loss or theft of any belongings of the exhibitors.
  9. Right of Admission is reserved by Hamfest India 2018 or Reva University.
  10. Mobile sales in the campus and parking areas is strictly prohibited.

For further queries please contact:
Dr.S.Sathyapal - VU2FI,
General Convenor,
Hamfest India 2018

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